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Your Errand Service, LLC.

$10.00 minimum    $20.00 per hour  for *most jobs     plus 50 cents per mile round trip or $1.00 per mile one way  

* Pet care or house check   $15.00 per visit plus maintenance/fuel fee of $1.00 per mile

* For a less than 24 hour notice  late cancellation or late rescheduling, a fee of $30.00  or 50 % of scheduled job, whichever is greater will be charged. In case of emergencies, no fee will be charged.  [Holiday cancellations are charged full price for less than 48 hour notice]

Will travel into Dallas / Fort Worth or other upon request  

Will do as many of your errands/tasks as possible within allotted time.
48 hour notice is appreciated, but not necessary.  All deliveries are confirmed upon arrival at destination.
$35.00 charge assessed for returned checks in addition to fees/charges imposed by banking institution.

*please be advised that prices do not include the cost of purchases, airport fees, supplies, etc.
Tips accepted                                                                                                                                                

 checks, money order or cash -  Hire by job or by hour 

 *References available upon request

Don't see what you want?   Call  817-721-7090

*Prices subject to change  

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